Canine Companions puppy Able is having a great year. Already, a few months in to the year and Able is still sticking to his New Year’s resolution. He’s working hard to become a Canine Companions assistance dog. There is still a lot to learn, but every day he learns more of the skills he will need to successfully become an assistance dog.

Currently, Able is working on mastering “here.” This command may seem simple, but when you are as curious as Able, sometimes smells in the yard are more appealing than readily coming when called. Despite the distractions, Able is quickly mastering it with the help of kibble rewards and a lot of praise. He is also working on “under.” The goal with this command is to lay completely out of the way, underneath a table, bench, airplane seat, etc. This command is great when Able is learning about restaurant manners. Often, people will remark how they didn’t even know he was in the restaurant until he gets up to leave with his volunteer puppy raiser.

Able is also learning “jump” and “drop.” These are exciting new commands for Able, and his favorite new command is “car.”

“Able loves to go places. If for some reason he is not going with us, he sits by the door while we get ready, hoping that he’ll be able to go too,” shares Able’s puppy raiser, Jane.

Recently, Able practiced many of these commands while visiting a busy skating rink. Able was a good boy and only had eyes for his puppy raiser. Of course many people came over to meet him, so he got plenty of practice working on appropriate greetings.

In addition to learning new commands, 2018 has brought Able’s first snow! Laps around the yard frolicking and playing is fun, and Able learned just how much fun adding snow to his regular games can be! Able even discovered a new favorite snow game, catching falling snowflakes.

It’s safe to say that 2018 has started out to be a great year for Canine Companions puppy Able and is only going to get better!

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