Today is all about celebrating the wonder of puppies, but as far as Canine Companions puppy Miller is concerned, every day should be National Puppy Day.

Six-month-old Miller has proved to be a confident, manageable and easy-going little guy. He’s adjusted quickly to life with two volunteer puppy raisers, in two different houses, with three different “older siblings” a.k.a. “other pets in the house.” Miller’s first few months at home looked much like any other pups’; he’s been introduced to commands like “sit” and “down,” explored the neighborhood–taking in all the sights, sounds and smells, and started to become familiar with experiences of everyday life such as watching the vacuum cleaner and being around children.

Nonetheless, not everything has been routine. Miller, along with his volunteer puppy raisers, took a road trip to Boston, explored Central Park, rode the train, and even served as a demo dog to vet tech students learning how to properly hold a dog on a vet table. He’s mastered a number of commands and recently won the hearts of everyone in a crowded elevator when he “shook” a stranger’s hand. When he’s not busy learning about everything the world has to offer, Miller is a playful and loving little pup. There is nothing he likes more than to wiggle his butt, wag his tail and offer toys to the people and dogs he loves most.

While the love and loyalty of all puppies certainly warrants a national holiday, Canine Companions puppies like Miller hold a special place in our hearts. We hope you will follow along on Miller’s journey to change the life of a person with a disability—he has many exciting times ahead of him.

Wishing everyone a very happy National Puppy Day!

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