Miller had some major birthdays to celebrate this past week – both Canine Companions’ 42nd and America’s 241st! He decided to honor this special day the best way he knows how: by spreading the word about Canine Companions and their mission of helping people with disabilities live with greater independence.

As everyone else was gearing up for fireworks and barbecues on July 4th, Miller was getting ready to make his TV debut. Miller – along with his puppy raiser Saxon and Service Dog Liz and her partner Captain James Van Thach – made an appearance on Fox News channel.

The group discussed the incredible impact service dogs can have on the lives of people with disabilities and some of the specific ways these dogs help people. Liz demonstrated how she can retrieve items that have fallen on the ground and give them to her handler. Miller was amazed by Liz’s skills and took lots of notes—she gave him a sneak peak into the future.

They also discussed the work of puppy raisers, and how socialization is key for a young, future assistance dog like Miller. Just being on set was a great socialization experience for Miller. He got to see novel objects, like the cameras and tripods, practice holding his positions for the tease spots, and most importantly, demonstrated self-control around Liz (he was smitten and couldn’t wait to hear “release” so he could give her a big lick).

Paws crossed viewers from all over learned something new about the importance of service dogs and will be interested in becoming volunteer puppy raisers. What better birthday gift could anyone ask for than to give a dog a job and make the world a better place in the process?

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