Canine Companions Puppy Able II is on a mission to raise awareness about Canine Companions as the “spokespuppy” for corporate partner BraunAbility. His good work started early out in California where he was born and spent his first eight weeks with volunteer breeder caretaker Amelia.

“Able was always a confident and happy puppy,” says Amelia (Ami). “He loved to play with his nine siblings.” Able spent eight weeks growing and experiencing early socialization with his mom, breeder Mimi and the nine other “A” puppies. Socialization includes listening to recordings of lots of new sounds, experiencing different surfaces and Able’s favorite—snuggling. “He was a big boy, but a great cuddler,” Ami says.

Ami has high hopes for Able. “If that means helping a person with a disability, that would make me so happy.”

Now Able is onto the next phase with his volunteer puppy raiser, Jane. Jane has welcomed Able to her home for the next 18 months and will provide a safe and healthy environment full of great socialization opportunities and lots of love. Each hour spent caring for a Canine Companions puppy is vital to its development as a future assistance dog.

Able will also be representing Canine Companions and our partnership with BraunAbility. We anticipate lots of photos of Able around adapted vehicles made by BraunAbility, particularly the Chrysler Pacifica.

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