Can you spot Elmo among all the bikes?

The E Litter is one charming group of pups! They give a smile and a tail wag whenever they get to meet someone new. Why are they so comfortable meeting new people? Because for the last 16 months, they have been working on their socialization skills.

Ella, making friends at the market.

When they are out and about in the community, the E Litter pups get to meet a variety of folks. The police officer allows them to get familiar with uniforms; the checker at the market allows them to interact in a loud and busy environment, the kids at the playground allow them to meet various small and “touchy” people and realize they are safe and friendly. So many great people, and so much love!

Euka and Emma, meeting friends at the library.

Making friends with the E Litter is not only a pleasure for those they meet, it’s also a very important part of their training. The journey to extraordinary continues and everyone that meets the E Litter is part of that adventure. To learn more about our puppy raising program, visit www.cci.org/puppyraiser.

Eliza taking a closer look.

One thought on “Making Friends with the E Litter

  1. thank you for all you do with the pups. yesterday i had the honor of seeing one of your service dogs with a veteran at a local veterans medical clinic. when lizzy, my service dog, and i entered the waiting area, the dog, a black male lab, quite but looking from under the chair. well behaved and good looking pup.
    may you all continue to be successful in all of your endeavors.

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