It seems like just last month we were announcing the arrival of the Eukanuba Hero Litter to our supporters! We shared their newborn pics, their “H” names and what their collar colors signified.  What an exciting time that was for all of us.

Hero Litter Hoagy

So it’s hard to believe they only have a short time left with their volunteer puppy raisers. This November, they will return to Canine Companions for professional training and take one step closer to becoming life-changing assistance dogs.

Hero Litter Holly

It’s during these next few months their puppy raisers will “proof” them. That is to say, they will make sure they have their commands perfected in any situation. Holly’s puppy raiser says, “We want to ensure she’s able to keep the distraction level low regardless of where we’re visiting. “

It’s also a special time for them to revisit favorite activities and create a few more memories.


Harpo’s puppy raiser shares, “We know that this time will fly by, so while we enjoy our last few months with Harpo by doing her favorite things (swimming, playing with friends and lots of snuggling) we’ll also be polishing her commands in preparation for professional training. “

Hero Litter Hala

All the love and work the puppy raisers have invested into the Hero Litter makes this time bittersweet. “These final few months with Hala will be the most precious time for us,” says her puppy raiser. They can be so proud of how much the pups know and all they have accomplished, but they will still miss this sweet bunch.

Hudson with his puppy raiser
Hudson with his puppy raiser

“My goal is to enjoy every moment with him while working to get him as far along as possible for a smooth transition to professional training.” Hudson’s puppy raiser says.  She continues, “He is very well socialized with no issues, but I will probably take him along to even more places, as our time together grows shorter. Gonna miss that boy, but very proud of the pup he’s become!”

Hero Litter Harvest

So many, many thanks to these wonderful volunteer puppy raisers for all they have done to train, support and love this special group of dogs. They are well on their way to becoming assistance dogs to an adult, child or veteran with a disability.

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