This year was a big one for Canine Companions® puppy Waldo—and his only one so far. Can you believe he’s already 10 months old?! He sure has done, seen and learned a lot in that time.

Waldo was born February 5, 2018 in California where he spent two months learning about the great big world (from the comfort of his playpen) while frolicking with his brothers and sisters. In April, he made the trip to Texas where he met his volunteer puppy raiser, along with many new friends who have accompanied him on his journey thus far.

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Now, Waldo knows over 20 commands and has been everywhere from the grocery store and local hardware store, the carnival and pumpkin patch, to the fire department, “yappy hours,” DogFest and more!

Waldo’s puppy raiser works at Canine Companions’ Kinkeade Campus, so he spends every day visiting with Canine Companions staff, volunteers, campus visitors and tons of furry friends. His very best and special friend is Canine Companions Facility Dog Sawyer. Sawyer was the first puppy raised by his puppy raiser and Waldo was able to cheer Sawyer on when he graduated in August. Luckily for Waldo, Sawyer visits regularly and they have the best time together—brothers from another mother!

2018 was a special year and we can’t wait to see what 2019 will bring for Waldo.

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