Every puppy has a different personality, and Buckeye’s is definitely camera ready. From the time he arrived in Columbus, Ohio, Buckeye was ready to tackle the world. At 15-weeks-old he has never met a stranger he didn’t like or something he won’t try. Every Friday, Buckeye helps share the local news and sometimes even the weather on WCMH, NBC4.

Buckeye is comfortable in front of the camera and enjoys sharing all he is learning with his viewers on NBC4 and social media. He is quickly learning the commands that build a strong foundation for future, more advanced commands. He has already mastered “sit,” “down,” “shake” and “roll” and he’s currently learning “lap,” “up,” “heel,” “side” and “under.” He is also working on maintaining the command he was given for longer intervals before he is given another command.

Buckeye is working very hard on his appropriate greetings with everyone at NBC4, which is good practice for when he heads out into the community and meets new people. Along with the appropriate greetings, he is learning how stay focused on his handler and ignore other dogs and people who may be a tempting distraction for him. For Buckeye, this is pretty easy as spending time in a news studio has offered many learning opportunities to remain focused on the task at hand.

Canine Companions® is excited to be partnering with NBC4 to share Buckeye’s journey on his way to becoming a Canine Companions assistance dog. Stay tuned over the next year and a half as Buckeye joins the NBC4 team on-air and at events in the community.

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