What Would You Do?
Look for Canine Companions for Independence dog Hercules on the ABC show “What Would You Do” this Friday, March 18th. Hercules, shown here with ABC’s John Quinones, is a yellow Lab currently in professional training at our Northeast training center.

He will appear with an actress on a segment about public access rights for people with disabilities and their assistance dogs. The show examines through candid camera how people interact on the topic. (You can check out some resources on cci.org about access rights and laws if you want to learn more.)

ABC also came out to our Long Island, NY location last week to interview staff and film the center.  We’ll be watching it for the first time, just like you. Go Hercules!

I’d Like to Solve the Puzzle
Canine Companions Facility Dog Ellie will be on Wheel of Fortune as a part of its Pet Week. Watch for Ellie during the Wednesday, March 16th show.

Ellie can’t buy a vowel, but working with the King County Prosecutor’s Office, Ellie can ease the pain of child victims as they move through the court process. Don’t miss what Pat and Vanna have to say about Canine Companions Facility Dog Ellie.

Check your local listings for show times.

5 thoughts on “Lights, Camera, Action

  1. I am so happy that CCI is getting such great exposure on such national level. There are so many people who don’t know a lot about how helpful these great dogs are and now thanks to these two shows more people will know what a great organization CCI is.

  2. I have Hearing Dog “Brenda” who is 11 years old and will be retiring, as soon as I receive a Successor Dog. I’m on the waiting list and am so ready to allow Brenda to stay home with “belly rubs” from my retired husband so that I can, once again, feel “free” to go out and fully enjoy my life. That’s what Brenda brought to me a “full” life!
    I’m, once again, constrained because Brenda’s tired and just can’t keep up with me, as she used to for 9 years of truly faithful service. My Personal Interview is on June 24th. It’s not easy, “this waiting thing”, but I totally understand that there is a “process” and I know I’m part of it and what seems like “forever” will happen soon. I waited 2 years for Brenda…….it’s only been 6 months for “Successor!”
    I’d love to hear from others who have waited for a “Successor” dog and just how it all went.


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