Say hello to Heartley!

Heartley sniffing Build-a-Bear bear with Heartley's name and birthday on it.

After an exciting naming contest with over 15,000 votes, Build-A-Bear’s special puppy Heartley had his name. True to his name, Heartley is a bundle full of heart and joy and has never met a person or animal he doesn’t like. “We can’t wait to follow Heartley’s journey as he grows up and trains to become an assistance dog,” remarks Emily from Build-A-Bear.

Heartley with Canine Companions puppy cape on snuggling with Canine Companions Service Dog

Guidance from an expert

Heartley is one lucky puppy. In addition to learning 30 commands from his volunteer puppy raiser, Cathy, he also gets to learn how to be a great assistance dog from an expert. In 2017, Cathy’s daughter Shruthi graduated with Skilled Companion Gambit who will no doubt be a great big brother and roll model to Heartley.

Heartley running with ears flapping

Learning and playing

Shortly after arriving in Missouri, Heartley discovered the deck steps, something he’d never seen or experienced before. After practicing with his puppy raiser, he was walking confidently up and down the stairs like a champ. Mastering stairs is just the beginning of all that Heartley will be learning in his first year and a half on his way to becoming an assistance dog. Heartley doesn’t see it all as work, though. Watching those ears fly, it’s clear he’s having a great time!

Learn more about becoming a Canine Companions puppy raiser for a puppy like Heartley!

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