After two years of hard work and a lot of love, Canine Companions dog Kinkeade has found his match! On Friday, November 3, Kinkeade graduated as a skilled companion dog with Jordan and his mother, Dolly.

Jordan is 16 years old and was diagnosed with autism at age two. Throughout his life, Jordan has struggled with social interactions and communication. His parents have high hopes that his new partner will facilitate and encourage new relationships for Jordan, reducing his anxiety in tough situations. Kinkeade is able to engage with Jordan through his iPad, responding to Jordan’s commands and using “push” to interact with apps.

Dolly said that they were looking for a calm dog, and anyone who has met Kinkeade will tell you that he fits that role perfectly. His new family loves his affectionate, relaxed personality and describe him as “wise beyond his years,” as he seems to naturally understand Jordan.

Graduation day was a big one for Kinkeade! He was reunited with his puppy raiser, Jennifer, who started him on his path to success. When the time came, Jennifer and Kinkeade’s namesake, United States District Judge Ed Kinkeade, officially handed off the leash to Dolly and Jordan on stage at a public graduation ceremony.

Kinkeade has lived up to his name and has made his namesake, his puppy raiser, his trainers and his many fans very proud. There are great things ahead for Jordan and Kinkeade.

Canine Companions would not be able to place assistance dogs like Kinkeade, free of charge, without the work of volunteer puppy raisers. If you are interested in raising a puppy and changing the life of someone with a disability, please visit