Canine Companions® puppy Alexis has a special future planned! She’s on the path to become an assistance dog for someone with a disability. Alexis is named after actor David Arquette’s sister. David and his wife Christina support Canine Companions’ mission. Alexis is being raised in Southern California where she and her puppy raiser are having fun experiencing new things and learning new commands.

In the past month, Alexis has been introduced to a number of new commands that will be used throughout her lifetime and as a foundation to build on when she enters professional training where the commands will be more complex. Alexis is a rock star when it comes to learning new things, and she’s already learned her name, sit, down, wait, kennel, hurry and here. She will continue to work on these commands with her puppy raiser and add more as time goes by.

Being a Canine Companions puppy isn’t all work. In fact, Alexis spends a lot of her day playing fetch. She has a red outside ball and a purple inside ball. She also loves snuggling (and wrestling) with her toy lamb. Alexis gets to meet many new people which she adores. Alexis’ puppy raiser works with her to ensure she doesn’t get too excited and maintains her appropriate behavior.

We look forward to sharing the many adventures Alexis will have on this journey.

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