Spring is right around the corner, and guess who’s ready? That’s right, the E Litter pups! Not only do the longer and warmer days mean more time outside, but they also mean more walks, more opportunities to meet new friends, and more socialization.

If you’ve been following the E Litter from the beginning, you know that socialization is one of the most important parts of a Canine Companions puppy’s early training. The day-to-day experiences and exposures to new people, places, and challenges help turn our puppies into the excellent assistance dogs we place with adults and children with disabilities.

So with spring days calling to them, the E Litter pups are ready to get out and get movin’.

Eliza in her Easter bonnet.

Easter is on the way and visitors are coming around, so Eliza and her volunteer puppy raisers are excited for spring. They are also preparing for the next stage of the E Litter journey to extraordinary…professional training at one of the five regional training centers.

Ready for the parade.

Elmo is taking advantage of the great weather in his neck of the woods. He even represented Canine Companions for Independence walking in the St. Patrick’s Day parade earlier this month. What a beautiful and lucky boy!

Good-bye snow!

The slow melting of winter is finally at hand, and Ella and Euka love getting to sniff the green grass and spend more time outside. These two are certainly snow dogs, but it’s so nice to have the sun warming their coats again.

Emily at a Golden State Warriors game.

Since Emily is a California pup, she hasn’t had too much “weather,” so to speak. But she and her volunteer puppy raisers will certainly enjoy the wildflowers on relaxing hikes and the warm breezes while hanging out at the beach.

Emma at the shore.

A trip south was in store for Emma and her volunteer puppy raisers. As much as she enjoyed the snow and cold, Emma appreciates the warmer climate. She continues to be a great ambassador for Canine Companions; working her charm on folks she meets and sharing our mission.

Lunch outside with friends.

As the only other Canine Companions puppy being raised in California, Ethan’s outings haven’t been hindered by snow storms or rough climates. He continues to dine alfresco with friends, take hikes with his volunteer puppy raiser, play at the Canine Companions dog park, and more. Spring will bring more outings and adventures for this sweet boy.

These E Litter pups are ready to greet the buds, blooms and new opportunities of spring time. Thank you for following this amazing litter of pups!

For more information on becoming a volunteer puppy raiser, visit www.cci.org/puppyraiser.

To make a donation in honor of the E Litter, visit www.cci.org/tribute.

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