Canine Companions is so pleased to announce that our tagline Help is a Four Legged Word (hey, the same name as this blog!) was chosen as one of the winners of the 2010 Best Nonprofit Tagline Awards. Thanks to everyone that voted for us.

We can tell you why here at Canine Companions we know help is four legged, but even better you can see for yourself. Watch this short video featuring Canine Companions assistance dog Deirdre. Her partner Rob suffers from a traumatic brain injury as a result of a car accident. His parents knew bringing a trained assistance dog into their family was the right choice to help Rob live more independently.

There are a lot of things Deirdre does for Rob. Picking up items, opening doors. But Deirdre likes to play too, and loves to fetch the ball. She learned on her own how to get Rob involved in the fun. Watch this video on our YouTube page:

Deirdre uses her paw to steady Rob’s arm, knowing once she drops the ball in his hand it will be time for another fetch. Way to go Deirdre!

Our tagline was chosen as one of the winners because it tells the Canine Companions story in a style that is honest, compassionate and smart, according to the judges. Check out this video, including the other winners of the tagline award.

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