Canine Companions is a 2010 Nonprofit Tagline Award Finalist!

We’re thrilled to let you know that our tagline — Help is a Four-Legged Word — has been selected as a finalist in the 2010 Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline Awards.

Please support us by voting for our tagline Help is a Four-Legged Word today! Located in section 13, under Human Services Taglines, your vote will help Canine Companions receive recognition for a cool tagline, the brainchild of a CCI volunteer, that matches the mission of Canine Companions.

Here’s the history … National Board Member for CCI, Bob Solon, and his son Lee, set out to create a national advertising campaign for Canine Companions in 2007. The campaign is a huge success, still going strong with pro-bono placement of print ads, billboards, ads on buses, in subways and train stations, and on television with 30-second PSA’s.

Lee created help is four-legged word, along with all the creative that goes along with the campaign.

“One of the most important functions of CCI dogs is that they enable people to live full lives out in the world, with less dependence on other people,” says Lee. “The effect of that on a disabled person’s self-esteem can’t be overstated. The emotional bond between person and dog is unbelievably strong. So much of the life of a disabled person is about technology, equipment, medical procedures, and other dehumanizing elements. A CCI dog has tremendous functional value, but is also a loyal, loving best friend. So we wanted to develop advertising that communicated the functional benefits of a CCI dog in a warm and human way.”

Aren’t our volunteers fabulous? Help spread the word on Help is a four-legged word and vote, deadline is today!

Nonprofit Tagline Award Finalist

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