People aren’t the only ones setting New Year’s resolutions this year… Canine Companions puppy Heartley has some big goals for 2020! This year, Heartley is working on ignoring his cat sister Michi when it’s time to learn commands. Heartley is learning the importance of staying on task even when he wants to play.

Heartley’s second resolution is to put a smile on the faces of everyone he meets. Heartley takes advantage of every opportunity for people around him to learn how to interact with a future service dog. Heartley’s calm disposition and focus makes him a great teacher. He also gets to practice his “sit” and “down” commands, allowing people to pet him while he sits calmly. Puppy raiser Cathy tells us this is one of Heartley’s favorite moments.

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“Heartley is a very calm puppy who is eager to learn. We work on his commands daily and he’s very proficient at them. He is learning every day and his skills grow much as he does. He can be a silly boy but when it is time to work, he is more than willing,” says his volunteer puppy raiser, Cathy.

In 2020, Heartley will continue to visit busy stores, libraries and restaurants and expand his exposure to sounds and sights. While Heartley will learn 30 commands with his puppy raiser, there’s one command that’s his absolute favorite. Cathy says, “his favorite command is “wait” because he knows that he’s about to be fed. We practice using kibble on his paws and he’s so patient.”

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