Dom Does Christmas 

Dom in bandana with tree in background.

While Dom’s handlers were busy with holiday preparation around their house, Dom was well behaved around the most tempting sights, smells and décor. He learned to leave decorations alone and to not bother the Christmas tree in their home. Even amongst the excitement, Dom maintained his “down” commands and avoided excitable greetings while maintaining his position during holiday meals. We’re also told Dom loved all of the holiday dog toys that were brought out for the month. With all the holiday hustle and bustle around the house, Dom was a perfect puppy. Good boy, Dom!

True to the season of giving, Dom helped his handlers deliver toys and jackets to the Sacramento Republic holiday drive. They were happy to support the Republic in collecting coats and toys to local students who are in need. The drive-thru event was a huge success and we’re so glad Dom was there to support it!


A New Year

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New Year’s Day was spent at Dillon Beach, a beautiful dog-friendly beach on the northern California coast. Dom, his big sister Facility Dog Glimmer and their people got refreshed and recharged at the ocean. 2021 will be an exciting year! Soon, Dom will begin attending high school with his puppy raiser Emma, who’s a senior. They’re excited for all of the new training opportunities on the campus, and we can’t wait to hear about his adventures in high school! Later this year, Dom will enter professional training to begin the next step in his journey to service dog, and we’re thrilled to learn what his future holds.

Zari Learns New Commands

Man with dog sitting dog pulling dog with toy in mouth

Zari has been loving life with her new partner, Bill and his wife Sharon! Last time, we told you Zari can assist Bill with tasks such as retrieving his meds, and they hope to train her to do that when she hears the alarm on his phone go off. Well, she’s learning it! Zari has learned that when her people’s alarm goes off that it’s time to go get Bill’s meds and bring them to him. We’re told she loves doing this and that working is definitely fun for her. Sharon’s alarm says, “Zari, meds,” and she hears it even when it’s in another room. They’ve now begun to teach her to take the meds back to the bathroom after Bill takes them.

She also knows how to open the fridge and now can get a bottle of water from the door with a bit of prompting!

She’s starting to work on a command called “Go to Mom,” so that if Bill ever needs help, Zari can get Sharon for him – what a skill!

Zari is also learning to pick up all the dog toys and put them in the toy basket, which is a great skill especially since she got so many new toys for Christmas this year. Her new hedgehog toy and her Kong Wubba seem to be her favorites as they are often found with her in her new luxurious dog bed.

New Friends and a Fun Time at the Ranch

Zari with her new pig friends

Recently, Zari got to visit Sharon’s family’s ranch and met two 10-week-old pigs named Wellington and Jimmy Dean. The three were fast friends. The ranch is 8 acres, all completely fenced, so Zari could run and play with abandon. Zari loved the freedom of running in such a big space. Sharon reminds us, “Working girls have to have a fun time too, and she certainly had that at the ranch.”

We’re so glad that Zari is making such an impact and having such a wonderful time with Bill and Sharon!

We can’t wait to see what else Dom and Zari will experience this year!

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