E Litter pup, Emily, is ready for the holidays!

The E Litter pups have been enjoying the cooler weather, snuggling close to their volunteer puppy raisers, and dreaming about the gifts they will be bringing to a child, adult, or veteran with a disability.

The Gift of Peace
The peace of mind that comes to a child who’s sleeping alone for the first time because of the skilled companion curled by her side.

The Gift of Love
The love and bond that is formed between our graduates and the assistance dogs that provide so much.

The Gift of Joy
The joy that comes from knowing a life is forever changed because of the increased independence a Canine Companions service dog can bring.

Happy holidays!

While there may be many wonderful presents under the tree, none can compare to the gift of a cold nose and warm heart – woof!

The E Litter wishes you and yours the very best this holiday season and always.

p.s. – If you’d like to see more of the E Litter, click here to get our 2014 Calendar which features this amazing group of pups.

Featuring the E Litter
2014 E Litter Calendar

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