Zari wearing a Cookie Monster costumeCostumes, strange clothing, face paint and other Halloween staples can be scary to puppies, but we weren’t surprised to hear that Zari handled it all like a pro. This Halloween, Zari’s volunteer puppy raiser joined another puppy raiser for a party where they put the pups they are raising in costumes and passed out candy to trick-or-treaters.

Zari showed no signs of fear when she encountered people in costumes and was able to stay in her “down” command while groups of excited, noisy kids ran up to exclaim, “trick or treat” in exchange for candy. Zari also sported her own costume – she was Cookie Monster! She was on her best behavior and left all the human treats alone and only did tricks when she was asked.

Zari’s local volunteer chapter hosted a Halloween party as well. There, the puppies went “trick-or-treating” at stations manned by a local Boy Scout troop. Zari wearing a Cookie Monster costume sitting in front of a treat table The puppies were tasked with doing commands in exchange for their kibble-treats. Of course, the pups were happy to play along and left only after a lot of great training and socialization, and some yummy treats!

Now a year and a half old, Zari is nearing her time to enter professional training. She knows all 30 commands taught to Canine Companions® puppies and is now working on performing them in a variety of places, with distractions nearby. She’ll turn in to the Canine Companions Northwest Training Center in February 2020 where she’ll begin to learn the advanced commands needed for her future as an assistance dog.

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