Newsroom puppy

Buckeye began joining the Friday morning NBC4 team on-air as a 9-week-old puppy. From that day on, he started learning what it takes to be a newsroom puppy star as well a future Canine Companions® assistance dog. Growing up in a newsroom has given Buckeye many unique opportunities for socialization and training. He’s learned to be calm, confident and relaxed, walk comfortably on slippery surfaces, stay on his bed for lengthy periods of time, and respond to training commands while in the spotlight.

Being a newsroom puppy means it’s also important to make new friends! Although Buckeye is very good at showing self control when greeting people, everyone else is always very excited to greet him. It isn’t uncommon for the anchors to give him belly rubs or offer a toy that rolled out of reach. During breaks, Buckeye loves playing fetch, showing off the “roll” command in hopes for more belly rubs and bringing smiles to everyone around.

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Buckeye is always sure to let everyone watching know that he is in the studio! Even when the camera isn’t on him, he has multiple squeaky toys and jingle toys to play with. He’s great at helping give the weather forecast, assisting with traffic updates or just making everyone in studio and at home smile. There is never a dull moment in studio when Buckeye is there!

Outside of the studio

Be sure to check back next month as Buckeye plans to head to a Blue Jackets playoff game, a science event with the weather team, a big race in Columbus, Ohio and a few other exciting adventures.

Canine Companions is excited to be partnering with NBC4 to share Buckeye’s story. Stay tuned as Buckeye joins the NBC4 team on-air and at events in the community.

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