Now three and a half months old, Zari is growing like a weed and learning new things every day!

This month, Zari has been busy learning various commands, meeting dogs and people, and taking in all the sights, sounds and smells she’s being exposed to.

She’s quick learner who’s already mastered “sit” and is working on “shake” and “speak.” Her puppy raiser is proud to share that Zari is very proficient at the “let’s go” command, where she walks nicely on a leash right next to her handler. Zari is being introduced to the “kennel” command when she goes in her kennel during the day for short periods of time or at night to sleep. She is also learning to “wait” with a bowl of food in front of her until her puppy raiser says “ok,” letting her know that she can begin eating. This is a tough task, but Zari is up for the challenge! Zari’s puppy raiser says she is great at knowing when to work and when to play: she’s calm when she needs to be but is very playful when told, “release,” the command given to let the dog know they are free to move out of the previous command and are free to move around as they wish.

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Zari has met many new friends over the past month, both human and canine. Not only did Zari make her first visit to her local vet, she also met a cat and played with a toddler! She has attended and enjoyed puppy classes with fellow Canine Companions puppies in the Sacramento area, including her brother Zoom. She goes to work with her puppy raiser in an office environment and sleeps on her dog bed or in her kennel while her puppy raiser works. They take frequent breaks for toileting, training and sometimes a snuggle. Zari has also gone on a few quick trips to the grocery store for socialization, experiencing all the sights, sounds and smells it has to offer. She also recently accompanied her puppy raiser on a trip to Lake Tahoe.

Zari loves water and enjoys time in her puppy pool on warm Sacramento days (and sometimes nights, too!) She’s even been lucky enough go for her first “real” swim in a friend’s backyard pool.

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for Zari in the coming weeks and months!

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