Wes is becoming all grown up and he is enjoying adventures with volunteer puppy raisers Christa and Steve. While Wes lives in the southwest, it’s still a “grand” vacation to visit the Grand Canyon. Wes laying on a big rock with fall leaves in the backgroundWes and his family enjoyed the national park at sunset after lunch on the canyon rim, and a peaceful hike to Yavapai Point.

Back at home, Wes loves going to the farmers market. Wes is working hard on controlling his excitement when he sees his canine friends – not an easy task!

“We had a sleepover with Canine Companions puppy Walker,” says Christa. “It was the perfect way to help Wes spend time with another dog and learn to settle down and be calm. Wes made great progress with Walker’s help.”

Wes sitting next to his puppy raiser who is sitting in a chairWes loves to play fetch, making sure to deliver his favorite stuffed monkey directly into Steve or Christa’s waiting hand. His precision is excellent! Wes is turning into a confident and well-mannered dog.

“We went on a hike in Sedona, Arizona where the trail crisscrossed a creek. Wes was nimble, bouncing from rock to rock. Steve and I didn’t do so well, and our shoes were soaked after the first crossing,” laughs Christa. “At the last crossing of the day, we used a long leash on Wes and let him prance in the creek. It was a joy to watch him run from sand to water again and again.”

Time is flying for Wes and his puppy raisers, but Christa and Steve are making great memories along their journey raising Wes.

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