Tebow as a young pup

Tim Tebow is a quarterback. Canine Companions for Independence puppy Tebow is a wide receiver. He’s a natural – he runs a pattern downfield, turns back, and looks up, waiting for the ball to sail overhead. People know he doesn’t know exactly what the words mean, but it’s great fun to say, “Go long, Tebow!!” and watch him take off, turn, and wait for the ball. He’s taking off as a Canine Companions puppy, too.

Tebow’s “game face”

A high-energy puppy, Tebow is wide open almost every waking moment, embracing life with unflagging enthusiasm and joy. Because of this, every new command he learns is exciting to him and he is eager to practice each one. As he continues to acquire his Canine Companions puppy manners he visits increasingly challenging public places and learns to behave appropriately. When meeting him, small children do not recognize the name “Tebow,” but they respond to the friendly attitude of this very special puppy. Once, leaving a community park, a child said, “Dad, Tebow is my very best friend.”

When he leaves his puppy raiser and begins professional training, Tebow will expand the number of useful commands he knows, preparing to become a “very best friend” as an assistance dog for an exceptional person!

Tebow is a football fan of course!

Tim Tebow is known for his passion, his dedication, and his extraordinary work ethic. With his energy, enthusiasm, and eagerness to learn, Canine Companions puppy Tebow should become known in the future for his ability to be an accomplished assistance dog for just the right person!

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