What better way to learn the ropes of being a Canine Companions assistance dog then by spending time with one. Canine Companions puppy Able has a built-in tutor, as his volunteer puppy raiser’s son has a Canine Companions service dog. Canine Companions Service Dog Kary is leading by example and showing Able what it takes to be an assistance dog.

“Kary and Able LOVE to run and play together in our backyard. Able is a little bigger than Kary but Kary is still more agile and can run circles around Able. Able looks to Kary for how he should behave when they aren’t out running and playing. When Kary sits, Able sits and looks at her as if to say ‘like this?’” shared Able’s volunteer puppy raiser, Jane.

Able is working hard towards his goal of becoming an assistance dog like Kary. He has learned three new commands: drop, shake and under. He has been practicing the commands in lots of fun places like the grocery stores and department stores. Able also got plenty of practice working on his greeting during Halloween with trick-or-treaters. He got to show off the shake command to a few lucky kids.

As Able continues his journey to assistance dog, he will continue to experience more firsts, new friends and wonderful adventures. Be sure to follow puppy Able’s journey to Drive Independence – and Give a Dog a Job.

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