‘Tis the season to get outside and enjoy the fruits (and veggies) of your local community and that’s just what Canine Companions puppy Foley did. It was a beautiful, summer-like night, perfect for a visit to the farmer’s market. Foley and his puppy raiser made their way through the crowds to check out what the vendors had to offer.

Wearing his puppy vest was a sign to people that Foley was learning and shouldn’t be distracted but some people couldn’t resist the undeniable puppy temptation and reached out to pet him as he walked by. To help Foley with this, his puppy raiser gave him kibble treats as he chose to walk by her side rather than giving into the distractions around him. What a good boy!

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Foley listened to music, worked on appropriate greetings with many visitors who asked to pet him, avoided popcorn on the ground (although sometimes it was just too tempting and he had to be reminded that it wasn’t okay to eat it,) saw large characters dressed up in costume and even met a pig in a wagon! All and all it was a successful trip to the farmers market and Foley will definitely be back!

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