Time is flying by and Foley is growing, growing, growing! This means he’s ready for more advanced socialization opportunities. Foley and his puppy raiser recently took a day trip to San Francisco for a work conference. For some puppies, visiting places like a big city can be full of distractions, excitement and challenges. During the day Foley met new people, smelled new smells, practiced commands on different surfaces and spent some downtime during the conference at his puppy raisers feet.

Highlights of the day:

  • Riding in the Chrysler Pacifica
  • Hearing sirens and other city sounds
  • Watching big equipment at construction sites
  • Walking over different surfaces
  • Pigeon encounters
  • Finding comfy feet to sit on
  • Snuggling quietly next to the table
  • Taking breaks in the grass
  • Riding elevators

Foley’s day was packed full of new experiences and a whole lot of fun!

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