Have you ever wondered what happens to an assistance dog when the weather turns wet, cold and blustery? Or when temperatures rise and things start getting a bit hot? The simple answer is, they carry on.

As part of the training process, Canine Companions® puppies are introduced to various circumstances, including weather. Foley has experienced and practiced commands in strong winds, drizzly rain, warm afternoons and much more. By working in different conditions, Foley will learn that his focus needs to stay on the person with the disability he is assisting. While it might be distracting to most dogs, a Canine Companions puppy will maintain their training and attention. It’s not always easy, but it is expected.

One environment that Foley has not been introduced to is snow – that’s what makes him “almost” all weather. But because he has trained in these other settings, he is set up for success when/if he encounters it.

Of course, Foley is never in a situation where it would be harmful or unhealthy. His volunteer puppy raisers take care to follow the guidelines and suggestions set out by the Canine Companions Puppy Program Department for safety and wellness regarding weather.

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As his volunteer puppy raisers increase the number of commands that Foley learns, they will also work to train him in conditions with new sites, sounds, people and settings. By doing this, it will help prepare Foley for professional training and mastering advanced tasks and work.

As Foley continues to grow and excel, he always has a big tail wag for everyone he meets. We are so glad you are sharing this journey with him. Thank you!

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