The weather is warming up in Texas, and Canine Companions® puppy Waldo is making the most of it! On a sunshine-filled day, he and his puppy raiser made a trip to their local farmer’s market. They made their way through the crowds and practiced avoiding distractions, a skill that is very important for a future assistance dog.

Meeting new people and animals

Public places like the farmer’s market are great opportunities to work on polite greetings with new people, as it’s hard for the public to resist meeting an adorable puppy! Waldo got to experience new sights, sounds and even some different animals. He was curious about the llama and donkey, but he did a great job staying focused on his puppy raiser.

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End to a good day

Later, Waldo joined his puppy raiser for dinner at a local restaurant, where he stayed in his “down” under the table the entire time. As Waldo is getting older, he is visiting new and more challenging places such as this. At a restaurant, he must avoid any food that is dropped and stay calmly under the table for a long period of time.

Finally, Waldo finished his weekend off with a trip to the pet store where he picked out a special toy!

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