It seems like just yesterday that Penguin arrived in Pittsburgh, ready to begin his journey and join the Pittsburg Today Live family. Now, Penguin’s puppy journey has come to an end, and he has begun the next chapter in his journey of becoming a Canine Companions service dog… professional training. Over the past year and a half, the Pittsburgh community has enjoyed watching Penguin grow and learn. Penguin has mastered 30 commands and is calm, happy and confident. His puppy raisers have successfully laid an amazing foundation for him, and he is ready for the next step!  

Penguin has done so much more than just share his journey, he has been a source of smiles and laughter for the city of Pittsburgh In the midst of the pandemic, Penguin continued to encourage his community and be a bright spot on everyone’s Friday morning. Let’s take a look back at some of our favorite memories and enjoy a few more smiles!


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What’s in store for Penguin and his next chapter? At the North Central Region campus in New Albany, OH, Penguin has begun professional training. Over the next few months our professional trainers will get to know Penguin and begin working with him. Penguin will now go through training in hopes of becoming a Canine Companions service dog. 

We are excited for all that Penguin’s future holds and are grateful to his puppy raisers, the Sabo family, and our partners with KDKA and Pittsburgh Today Live for sharing Penguin’s incredible journey.  

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