Six-month-old Wes is an energetic, playful puppy that has lots of enthusiasm and vigor for life. Whether he is working on his commands, or taking trips to new and exciting places, Wes does so with gusto!

Mastering commands

Learning how to settle and feel safe in a crate is also a very important part of life as a future assistance dog. Wes has mastered the “kennel” command. Interestingly, the command is made up of several small steps: sitting before the door is unlatched, remaining sitting with the door open, following a treat into the kennel, moving farther and farther away and eventually entering the kennel on command and getting a treat. Puppy raiser Christa says, “Wes has accomplished the steps and now runs to his kennel with great enthusiasm and speed from any room!”

New places

It’s not all about learning new commands for Wes though. Socialization is a huge part of his life right now. He’s been out and about to lots of new and exciting places. Recently, he visited a busy farmer’s market, the laundromat, took a trip to the Arizona mountains and even visited new animals. “The miniature donkeys were just as interested about the puppy behind the fence as Wes was about the donkeys,” says Christa. “Wes brings joy to our lives in so many ways. We are often reminded of this first thing in the morning when we wake up. Out of the corner of my eye I can see that Wes is awake and lying politely in his crate, waiting for us to wake up. His gaze is transfixed on us… As soon as he sees any movement, he sits up with excitement, ready for his day to begin.”

Life sounds pretty great for puppy Wes, ending each night with a full body massage in his puppy raisers’ laps and having a cuddle session. While this bouncy young puppy might be a bundle of excitement during the day, at the end of it, he just wants to snuggle.

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