Heartley Learns to Adapt to Changing Circumstances

Canine Companions® puppy Heartley and his volunteer puppy raiser, Cathy, are making the most of the warm May weather in between midwest rain storms. While the weather is warming up,  Heartley is growing and learning to adapt to the constant changing circumstances that we all face every day. Whether that is social distancing protocols or rain storms, Heartley is learning that when life hands you lemons, to make lemonade.

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At nearly 14 months, Heartley has learned all 30 commands his puppy raiser has taught him. He’ll spend the next 4-5 months perfecting those commands before he heads off to professional training to learn more advanced commands like turning on and off lights and pulling a manual wheelchair. Taking advantage of beautiful weather and having to social distance, Heartley and his volunteer puppy raiser, Cathy, took to the backyard deck where Heartley eagerly practiced up, sit, stand, stay, heel, under, lap, shake and visit.

Work and Play 

After working on commands, Heartley enjoys running around with some of his favorite toys – playing with a frisbee, running through his tunnel and playing fetch with a textured ball. While these are all fun and games to him, he’s learning to be comfortable around different surfaces and textures that occur in daily life and will help him on his journey to become an assistance dog. We are looking forward to seeing what comes next for Heartley in his journey.

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