With summer coming to an end and fall approaching, Puppy Penguin was determined to tackle the pool before the swimming weather ended. The pool has fascinated Penguin since he arrived at his puppy raisers home, but he wasn’t too sure about doing more than dipping a foot in. Penguin enjoyed baths and getting wet, so his puppy raisers new that he would love swimming once he gave it a try.


With some encouragement from his puppy raiser, Penguin decided it was time for a dip. The first rule of teaching a puppies how to swim is showing them how to get out of the pool. Once he knew where the stairs were, Penguin was swimming like a champ! The bigger the splash, the more he loves it! Swimming is more than just a way for Penguin to have fun, it also helps him work on his confidence. And, by moving all four feet independently, it helps him become more agile. With every swim Penguin becomes more and more confident in himself which will be a great tool to help him on his journey to become an assistance dog!

Although Penguin will miss swimming as the weather cools, he is already looking forward to celebrating fall in Pittsburgh!

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