Every puppy that comes into the life of a volunteer puppy raiser is unique! They each have their own personality, favorite toy, special spot they like rubbed, etc. They are special!

We asked the E Litter volunteer puppy raisers if there was one thing that surprised them about their E Litter pup, and we received some really wonderful answers.

Ethan, at your service!

“I’m most surprised at how incredibly attentive Ethan is. When we’re in a room together he’s always totally tuned in to me,” says Ethan’s puppy raiser Susan.

Eliza is out of this world!

Similarly, Eliza’s puppy raiser Lisa responded, “Liza has been an amazing dog to raise. She is so attentive (especially when treats are involved).”

Emma making friends at the library.

Emma’s puppy raisers say they were surprised by “her natural instincts with her interaction with a child in a wheelchair at the library.  At her young age, she really seemed to understand and connect with the girl and her mother.”

Sweet and gentle Elmo

“Probably the most surprising thing about Elmo is how unbelievably calm he is…he is so easy going and relaxed, it’s just wonderful,” says Diesta, Elmo’s puppy raiser.

Emily taking it easy at Bass Lake

Erin, Emily’s puppy co-raiser says, “Emily is the most easy going dog I’ve ever met. You can just tell that she loves life as she walks beside you with a spring in her step and a wag in her tail.”

Euka II
Beautiful and confident Euka

“What surprises me most is how Euka has so much personality in that petite puppy package.  She seems a delicate flower at first glance, until you see the confidence and smarts shining in those brown eyes of hers.  Euka strolls into every new situation with a ‘bring it on’ attitude,” shares Donna, puppy raiser of Euka II.

Emma and Euka at the Ohio State Fair

Canine Companion puppies are known for their amazing temperaments, high intelligence, and willingness to learn (not to mention being completely adorable).
These E Litter pups are proof of this!

Excellent pup Ella!

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