The only thing better than having one Canine Companions puppy raiser is having two: twice the attention, twice the toys and twice the love. Although sadly for Miller, it doesn’t mean twice the kibble. Miller’s puppy raisers Laura and Saxon have both raised puppies before. (Saxon was the primary puppy raiser for puppy Wrangler, brought up on the set of The Today Show in 2016.) They both agree there are definite perks to embarking on this journey with Canine Companions.

For Miller, one of the biggest advantages of having two puppy raisers is the opportunity to get a wide variety of socialization experiences on a regular basis. All of these experiences will prepare him for whoever he is matched with as an assistance dog. Laura and Saxon live in different towns, have different careers and frequent different places. When Miller is with Laura, he has a big fenced yard to run around in and accompanies her to the veterinary hospital where she works. When he is with Saxon, he goes for walks on city streets and rides the train. Of course, much of the socialization he does overlaps. They both bring him to stores, plan outings with other Canine Companions puppies and work to familiarize him with all that everyday life brings. Getting to do it with two different raisers is shaping him into an adaptable little pup.

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