It’s a truly exciting time for both Dom and Zari! Dom turned one and Zari rotated through Team Training and met her perfect match!

Dom Continues Training

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Dom and his puppy raisers have been spending a fair amount of time indoors recently due to poor air quality brought on by wildfires in California. However, training doesn’t stop because you’re stuck inside – Dom has mastered playing “hide and seek” in the house!

Indoor training for Dom also includes staying in a “down” command for an hour at a time, while one of his puppy raisers, Emma, a senior in high school, completes her distance learning classes. Dom does well with this – a great skill for a future service dog!

Dom’s puppy raisers are always looking for good outdoor training opportunities when air quality allows. They had a great time recently at Ancil Hoffman Golf Course, and Dom was exposed to the sights and sounds of golfers, golf carts and a lot of geese! His puppy raisers enjoyed lunch on the patio, and they practiced commands around the property with another puppy raiser and their puppy. Dom now knows all of his basic commands, and we’re told he’s a steady worker and a very quick learner. Good boy, Dom!

First Birthday Party

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Dom and his puppy raisers celebrated his first birthday with a pool party with his brother, Dobson and mom, Mari! The dogs had a blast and Dom was surely celebrated – the party was complete with dog toys, birthday presents, yummy treats and fun decorations.

Join Dom at DogFest

Dom’s puppy raisers also set up a DogFest fundraising team for their local DogFest Sacramento event. Dom will be making an appearance at the virtual event taking place later this month! We can’t wait to tell you all about it in our next blog.

Zari’s Ready for Team Training

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Leading up to her first rotation in a Team Training class, Zari had been polishing up her skills and learning to utilize them in real-life situations. She was working on walking next to various kinds of equipment and doing her skills while her handler pushes a wheelchair. Zari’s trainer and Zari had been practicing generalizing “push” to fun games like bowling, and working on retrieving items in an interactive setup, like for a puzzle! Zari also had time to get ready for Halloween a bit early, have you seen a cuter dinosaur? Zari was more than ready for Team Training.

Zari Says “Hi”

Golden retriever sitting smiling.

Zari has also been learning a new command called “say hi” so she can wave at people and stay at a proper social distance while she greets them. It’s both an extremely practical and adorable command.

Zari Makes a Match

Zari recently rotated through Team Training and made her perfect match, graduating as a fully certified service dog last Friday! We are so proud of Zari and happy for her new partner and family.

We can’t wait to share more details about Zari’s match and new partner in our next blog!

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