Both Canine Companions puppy Dom and his big sister Zari are becoming even closer to becoming assistance dogs each and every day!

Dom takes on his first soccer game

Dom is now already five months old, and has been becoming a familiar face in Sacramento. Recently, Dom had a very exciting Saturday! Dom and his puppy raiser attended a tailgate party for The Sacramento Republic, ahead of their home opener. Busy events like sports games are great opportunities for Canine Companions’ puppies to learn important socialization skills. Dom did an excellent job around the crowds, always holding his “sits” and “downs” for the “puparazzi.” When Dom isn’t cheering on his favorite soccer team, he is learning new commands like “shake,” “speak,” and “kennel.”

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Zari loves professional training!

Meanwhile in Santa Rosa, Zari is getting used to life as a working dog in professional training. Dogs in professional training learn more advanced skills that will help them increase independence for a person with a disability. Currently, Zari is learning to open and close drawers and retrieve items. When she is not learning important skills, she is playing with the other dogs at the Jean and Charles Schulz campus.

While Zari is busy learning new skills and making new friends, puppy Dom is practicing his commands and working to follow in his big sister’s successful paw prints.

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