Back To School for Dom

It’s an exciting time! Finally, puppy Dom is back in school with one of his volunteer puppy raisers, Emma, where he is adored by her teachers and classmates. The experience has been great for him because he can’t be touched by anyone except Emma. He is learning to remain calm, relax in a “sit” or “down” and not to solicit attention with those big brown eyes. Along with the rest of the family, Dom supported Emma at her first high school swim meet. Hseemed to really enjoy it! Dom also spent a day at work with his puppy raiser Jennifer and her facility dog Glimmer at Sutter Children’s Center, Sacramento. Dom did a wonderful job and behaved very well in the hospital.  

As places are opening back up in California, Dom is heading out with his puppy raisers to eat outdoors at restaurants again. He settles down under the table and is great about ignoring any morsels on the ground, an important skill for a future service dog 

All exciting journeys must continue; at the time Emma received college acceptance letters, Dom’s puppy raisers also received the news that he’ll return for professional training in May – one day after Emma’s high school graduation. It will surely be a bittersweet but exciting time for everyone!  

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Catching Up With Zari 

Since we last checked in with Zari, her puppy raiser Laura stopped by for a visit with Zari’s mom Mari and puppy Neva! The day was filled with fun, playrunning around and even a birthday celebration, complete with party hats and treats!  

This month, Bill and Sharon have been perfecting some commands with Zari like retrieving and bringing Bill water and medication. Sharon and Zari also practiced some of the commands Zari learned in professional training that she doesn’t perform a whole lot right now but might be useful in the future! They practiced commands like turning lights off and on, and pushing drawers shut. Zari did everything with style and grace! 

The pandemic has kept Bill and Sharon at home for the most part. Except for some required outings like the grocery and doctor appointments, there hasn’t been much opportunity for Zari to be out in public.  When Zari goes with Bill and Sharon, Sharon holds the leash and Bill holds a handle attached to Zari’s vest. They recently made a trip to Costco to get Bill’s hearing aids serviced, and Zari did a great job walking with Bill and next to the shopping cart amongst a loud and distracting environment. Good girl, Zari!  

We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Dom and Zari! 

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