Jane Rieger is a self-described dog lover. “I have always loved dogs, particularly Golden Retrievers,” she explains. Jane discovered Canine Companions for Independence many years ago, and always followed Canine Companions’ activities and updates online. Eventually, DogFest Walk ‘n Roll provided the perfect avenue for Jane to express her support.

“I’m so impressed by the capabilities that Canine Companions assistance dogs have and everything they have been trained to do,” Jane says. “The special bond they have with their partners and how they make such a difference in their lives is awe-inspiring.”

quincy-smileWhen Jane’s beloved Golden Retriever, Quincy, passed away, she wanted to do something to honor him. “I wanted to channel my emotions to help someone else,” explains Jane. “I saw that DogFest San Diego was coming up on October 29, so I decided to focus on raising money for Canine Companions in memory of Quincy.”

Jane’s goal was to raise $10,000, enough to earn the privilege of naming a Canine Companions puppy in honor of her beloved pet. “I am proud to say that I have surpassed my goal!” reports Jane.

Jane is proud of her fundraising success and happy to share her secrets. “I think of it like dating – if you don’t ask, you won’t get the date!” Jane says. “My friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and others in the community have all been very supportive. I’ve gotten generous donations from my vet, dentist, realtor and insurance agent! And, I’m fortunate to work at Intuit, which has a very generous donation-matching program. A lot of my friends at work have donated. We’ve had our donations matched dollar for dollarnashville-df-3 and that has contributed a lot toward my total amount fundraised.”

Now, Jane is ready to celebrate at DogFest San Diego! “I am looking forward to introducing our newest Golden Retriever, who we just adopted in September, to all of the fun!” Jane explains.

So far, DogFest is the only Canine Companions-related activity she has participated in, but that is about to change. “Soon I will be attending a puppy class, as I may apply to be a volunteer puppy sitter or a volunteer puppy raiser in the future!” she says.

Our tails are wagging!

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