Learning commands

Since Bogo arrived in Florida several months ago, he is now old enough to go out in public, and many people are surprised at how well behaved he is. “He obeys his commands very well,” says Martha, his volunteer puppy raiser. Some of the commands he is currently working on are: let’s go, hurry, kennel, wait, release, down, dress and sit. He uses these commands when he’s out-in-about for socialization.

Visiting new places

Socialization is also an important part of training and Bogo has been very busy. Recently, he went to a monthly board meeting for the Lakeland General Federation of Women’s Club (GFWC) and took a nap politely under the board table. We are thrilled to share that the members sold pecans as a fundraiser and will be donating $1,000 to Canine Companions. Hooray for GFWC!

Bogo also visited a Junior League event and stopped by the Publix Super Market Charities booth to thank them for their generosity and support to Canine Companions. This annual event allows children’s book authors to read and share their books to help promote literacy. It was a great opportunity for Bogo to practice polite behavior around crowds, other dogs and lots of activities.

Bogo has also visited an elementary school, traveled to Jacksonville, Florida and to Pennsylvania. He did very well in all three environments. Spending and being comfortable for long drives is part of his training, but that’s not all.

Bogo’s volunteer puppy raiser will teach him more than 30 commands and they practice them at home, on outings and in puppy training classes. And when they are done for the day, Bogo takes a break from all the training in the Florida heat and cools off on the kitchen tile floor. He’s one smart dog!

Committed to the mission

Bogo’s puppy raiser is committed to our mission. That’s why she is giving her time, resources and heart to raising Bogo. She knows how important it is for Bogo to gain confidence in his socialization and behavior skills so he’s ready for professional training and to be matched with a person with a disability.

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