A Day in the Life

Over the past five months, Canine Companions dog Kinkeade has settled into a routine at our Kinkeade Campus to complete his professional training to become an assistance dog. We thought we’d give you a peak into what his days look like. He’s certainly a busy and happy pup! Each morning, Kinkeade and his fellow professional training dogs […]

School Days for Foley

As the rest of us settle back into the school routine, Foley continues to learn more and more as the days go by. Now, Foley goes to school with the “big” kids. He’s no longer in the younger puppy class but has moved on to be an upperclassman. Foley loves puppy class because he gets to […]

Able is Loving Life

Learning, growing and loving life is Able’s motto. Since arriving at the home of his volunteer puppy raiser, Jane, Able has been experiencing a world of exciting firsts: his first puppy class, first day at work with Jane, his first trip to the lake and first play date with his new best friend, Canine Companions puppy […]

Work Hard, Play Hard

If you have been following Kinkeade’s journey, you know he has been hard at work in professional training at the Kinkeade Campus. Over the last several months he has learned new commands, perfected the commands that his puppy raiser taught him and even ventured out on field trips. In his last blog, Kinkeade had just learned […]

Meet Able!

Canine Companions Puppy Able II is on a mission to raise awareness about Canine Companions as the “spokespuppy” for corporate partner BraunAbility. His good work started early out in California where he was born and spent his first eight weeks with volunteer breeder caretaker Amelia. “Able was always a confident and happy puppy,” says Amelia […]

Miller’s TV Debut!

Miller had some major birthdays to celebrate this past week – both Canine Companions’ 42nd and America’s 241st! He decided to honor this special day the best way he knows how: by spreading the word about Canine Companions and their mission of helping people with disabilities live with greater independence. As everyone else was gearing up […]

Foley in the Big City

Time is flying by and Foley is growing, growing, growing! This means he’s ready for more advanced socialization opportunities. Foley and his puppy raiser recently took a day trip to San Francisco for a work conference. For some puppies, visiting places like a big city can be full of distractions, excitement and challenges. During the […]

Hearts, Heroes and Puppy Miller

It was anything but a typical night on the town for the 15th Annual Hearts and Heroes Gala. Miller’s prep started the night before with some grooming—a date with the bathtub and the Furminator had him smelling fresh and clean for the big night. When the day arrived, Miller brushed off his bowtie and hopped […]

Foley at the Farmer’s Market

‘Tis the season to get outside and enjoy the fruits (and veggies) of your local community and that’s just what Canine Companions puppy Foley did. It was a beautiful, summer-like night, perfect for a visit to the farmer’s market. Foley and his puppy raiser made their way through the crowds to check out what the […]

A Mother’s Day Message from Alex

In August of 2000, after the application, interviews, waiting list and much anticipation, my mom and I loaded our stuff into a van and set out for Team Training at Canine Companions for Independence. At the end of the two-week training, I graduated with my first assistance dog, Keno. To my parents, Skilled Companion Keno […]