Farewell to Foley

On Friday, August 10, 2018, we celebrated the next step in Foley’s journey to become an assistance dog. Foley entered professional training at the Southwest Training Center after participating in a full day of exciting and emotional activities. Foley said goodbye to all his friends, human and canine, on Thursday and then hopped on the […]

Foley, the “Almost” All-Weather Pup

Have you ever wondered what happens to an assistance dog when the weather turns wet, cold and blustery? Or when temperatures rise and things start getting a bit hot? The simple answer is, they carry on. As part of the training process, Canine Companions® puppies are introduced to various circumstances, including weather. Foley has experienced […]

Bigger and Wiser – Puppy Miller is Growing Up

Canine Companions puppy Miller goes just about everywhere with his volunteer puppy raisers. They take the subway to work, attend sporting events, walk to the market, enjoy the park and much more! Not only are these adventures fun, but they also provide great socialization opportunities for Miller. There’s so much for a pup to experience […]

Following the Leader

What better way to learn the ropes of being a Canine Companions assistance dog then by spending time with one. Canine Companions puppy Able has a built-in tutor, as his volunteer puppy raiser’s son has a Canine Companions service dog. Canine Companions Service Dog Kary is leading by example and showing Able what it takes […]

School Days for Foley

As the rest of us settle back into the school routine, Foley continues to learn more and more as the days go by. Now, Foley goes to school with the “big” kids. He’s no longer in the younger puppy class but has moved on to be an upperclassman. Foley loves puppy class because he gets to […]

Miller’s TV Debut!

Miller had some major birthdays to celebrate this past week – both Canine Companions’ 42nd and America’s 241st! He decided to honor this special day the best way he knows how: by spreading the word about Canine Companions and their mission of helping people with disabilities live with greater independence. As everyone else was gearing up […]

Foley at the Farmer’s Market

‘Tis the season to get outside and enjoy the fruits (and veggies) of your local community and that’s just what Canine Companions puppy Foley did. It was a beautiful, summer-like night, perfect for a visit to the farmer’s market. Foley and his puppy raiser made their way through the crowds to check out what the […]

Merial Heads to Professional Training

The spring welcomed a new chapter on the journey of one of many special Canine Companions puppies. In front of a crowd of a thousand well-wishers, puppy Merial walked across the SeaWorld stage next to puppy raiser Cecilia to matriculate into professional training at the Southeast Regional Training Center of Canine Companions. For the past […]

Welcome to the NY Auto Show Miller!

Everyone might have come for the cars, but they definitely stayed for the Canine Companions puppies. This past weekend, Miller and some of his puppy friends manned (dogged – ha!) our booth at the New York International Auto Show. There were no shortages of cars for Miller to see, but the most impressive one of […]

Miller and the fire truck

Take me out to the ball game!

What could be more fun than opening day at the local little league with Canine Companions puppy Foley and a Chrysler Pacifica? It was a great day for the festivities! Gear was loaded, sun roof was open and the radio was playing “Centerfield.” Off they went – Foley and some of the players from the league. […]