Introducing Puppy Alexis

Meet Canine Companions® puppy Alexis. Named by actor, David Arquette, for his sister, Alexis, this adorable, three-month-old pup has an important future ahead of her. She is on the path to become an assistance dog for someone with a disability. Alexis started her journey in Northern California and after eight-loving weeks, she hit the road […]

Waldo’s Summertime Fun

As Canine Companions puppy Waldo grows, he continues to learn new commands, go on new outings and experience new things. Waldo is currently working on 15 commands, including sit, stay, wait and shake, which he uses when meeting new people. All these tasks are building a foundation for when he enters professional training in February […]

Where’s Puppy Waldo?

He’s in Texas and on his way to becoming a future assistance dog for a person with a disability! Canine Companions puppy Waldo may only be a few months old, but he’s already made quite the journey. Waldo was born February 5, 2018 in sunny California. At eight weeks old, Waldo traveled to the Lone Star […]

Saying Goodbye To Miller

As April comes to an end, puppy Miller is getting ready to say goodbye to his puppy raiser, Saxon. “Hello” and “goodbye” are often the hardest part of puppy raising but both come with great excitement that makes it worth it. As an eight-week-old puppy they come into your life needing all the direction you can give […]

Able is Loving Life

Learning, growing and loving life is Able’s motto. Since arriving at the home of his volunteer puppy raiser, Jane, Able has been experiencing a world of exciting firsts: his first puppy class, first day at work with Jane, his first trip to the lake and first play date with his new best friend, Canine Companions puppy […]

Kinkeade’s Puppy Days

Although Kinkeade is all grown up now and working hard in professional training, we can’t forget about those adorable puppy days. A lot of hard work and a lot of fun went into puppy Kinkeade before his move to the Kinkeade Campus. Kinkeade was raised by Jennifer, her husband Scott and their sons, Austin and Mason […]

Meet Able!

Canine Companions Puppy Able II is on a mission to raise awareness about Canine Companions as the “spokespuppy” for corporate partner BraunAbility. His good work started early out in California where he was born and spent his first eight weeks with volunteer breeder caretaker Amelia. “Able was always a confident and happy puppy,” says Amelia […]

Rollin’ With Foley

Rollin’ and walkin’ and sittin’ – that’s Foley’s style and we love it! As a 14-week Canine Companions puppy, he is learning these basic commands that will help prepare him for the professional training that comes with being an assistance dog. Once he has these perfected, he will move on to things like “under”, “up”, […]

Double the Love

The only thing better than having one Canine Companions puppy raiser is having two: twice the attention, twice the toys and twice the love. Although sadly for Miller, it doesn’t mean twice the kibble. Miller’s puppy raisers Laura and Saxon have both raised puppies before. (Saxon was the primary puppy raiser for puppy Wrangler, brought […]

Holiday Safety Tips

The holidays are quickly approaching and as you sip cocoa, warming your toes by the fireplace, planning all the parties and fun events, you might be thinking, “What about the dog?” Have no fear, Canine Companions is here with your quick holiday survival guide. Here are some helpful holiday tips: 1. Use the crate. If […]