Wes wants YOU to name a puppy!

Wes’ name is more than a fleeting fancy. He was named after the founder of our advocacy partner Littler Mendelson. Have you ever wanted to name a Canine Companions puppy? In the spirit of National Puppy Day, we are giving YOU a chance to submit a great puppy name.

Before Wes or any other adorable Canine Companions puppy is named, we have to be sure that his name would be great for a future assistance dog. So, what do the names Wes, Cody, and Bobby have in common? They are all names of Canine Companions dogs. The names embody the ideal characteristics of a Canine Companions dog name: short and simple, easy to pronounce, and fitting for a professional working dog.

There are additional guidelines behind the Canine Companions naming process:

  • Excessively cute, long or difficult to pronounce names are avoided since trainers and clients must use the names on a regular basis with relative ease.
  • Names that rhyme with commands are avoided. For instance, Jet is bypassed as it rhymes with the command “get.”

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Puppy names can range from some of the most common names such as Bobby to the more obscure Horsham. Many people have wondered how Canine Companions generates such a diverse range of names. First, each puppy litter is assigned a letter, progressing alphabetically from A to Z. Each puppy will be given a name that begins with this letter. For instance, an H litter might contain Hallie, Hank, Helen, etc. By year’s end, Canine Companions uses up to 45 names per letter of the alphabet in order to name the approximately 850 puppies born each year!

Wes and his siblings, of course, are the W litter! Each of his brothers and sisters have a name that begins with W: Wilbur, Willadean, Walnut, Wave, Wes, Willoughby, Wellie, Weaver, Willard, Winnifred and Wolf! That’s a lot of wonderful, whimsical W names!

Enter Our Name a Puppy Sweepstakes

How do these puppies get named? Names are chosen from Canine Companions’ supply, as well as submitted by volunteer breeder caretakers and Canine Companions supporters in “honor” of someone special in their lives. In a one-time opportunity, we are asking our friends and supporters to think of the very best name for a life-changing future assistance dog. Submit your entry on or before National Puppy Day on March 23, by visiting cci.org/nameapuppy.

To learn more about puppy raising, click here.

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