5Kanine (2)At Canine Companions for Independence, our supporters not only support our mission, they support one another! Earlier this month, the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity from Grand Valley State University in Michigan hosted the 5Kanine to benefit Canine Companions.

Of course the goal of the event was to fundraise, but in reality it also helped strengthen the bond of Canine Companions supporters and their passion for our mission. We have a truly amazing group of volunteers!

“A puppy raiser from Michigan sent out a note asking for additional support for the event,” shares volunteer puppy raiser Marty Marlatt of Central Ohio. Without hesitation, Marty made plans to make the five-hour drive to Michigan. “Canine Companions has become like a huge extended family to me over the years, so I thought it would be cool to support the cause and visit with fellow puppy raisers I don’t see often.”

Marty wasn’t the only one who traveled cross-country to support the event; others traveled from Indiana. “As with many Canine Companions activities, several people stepped up to show support,” Marty recalls. “I’m having trouble putting the experience into words, but I was so proud of all those who traveled so far. It showed how much we care about each other and about Canine Companions’ mission.”


Thank you to the young men of Alpha Sigma Phi and for all the Canine Companions volunteers who made the long trip to help with, support and participate in the event.

Learn more about puppy raising for Canine Companions for Independence.

Visit the Alpha Sigma Phi fundraising page to make a donation.

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