If there is one thing every volunteer puppy raiser has in common, it’s the desire to ensure a long and happy life for the puppy they are raising. As Bogo prepares for matriculation in May, his puppy raiser is focusing on ways to keep him healthy so he is ready for professional training!

The right food is essential for optimum growth and development in order to become a working assistance dog. Bogo enjoys Eukanuba dog food, because it provides the nutrients he needs so he will be able to perform his best for an adult, child or veteran with a disability.


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Bogo loves to go on outings and has a regular exercise routine that is an important component to keeping him healthy and strong. One of his favorite activities is exploring Lakeland’s Lake Mirror to stay fit and trim. He also attended a fundraiser on behalf of Canine Companions and walked the grounds at the Southeast Regional Family Motor Coach Rally to help encourage donations.

Regular comprehensive exams allow us to benchmark a dog’s health so any problems can be treated more effectively. In addition, dogs can be at risk for diseases and they can easily be prevented by providing important vaccinations.

Since Bogo arrived in Lakeland, he has visited Dr. David Lee of the Edgewood Animal Clinic on a regular basis. A large part of our puppy raising success is due to the generosity of many veterinarians and we are very grateful to Dr. Lee for his efforts and commitment to the health and happiness of Bogo.

We are thankful to Eukanuba for partnering with us throughout the years and keeping our dogs healthy and strong!

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