Canine Companions puppy Miller goes just about everywhere with his volunteer puppy raisers. They take the subway to work, attend sporting events, walk to the market, enjoy the park and much more! Not only are these adventures fun, but they also provide great socialization opportunities for Miller. There’s so much for a pup to experience when out and about with his puppy raisers: break dancers performing on the street, crowds at the shopping malls and enticing smells at the restaurants.

Last year at this time, Miller was just a little pup and not quite ready to take on the chaos of the outside world. He worked on house manners with his puppy raisers, met new friends and he even experienced the joys of snowfall for the first time. Now that he is bigger, wiser and better prepared, this year he will be expanding his skill set, working on new commands and adding to his “reference library of experiences.”

Because Miller is both a city dog and a country pup, he gets the best of both worlds. During the holidays, Miller had the all-important job of sniffing out the best Christmas tree—and testing his duration with a little photoshoot while he was at it. In the Big Apple, Miller got to observe ice skaters in Bryant Park with another puppy. Universal to both places is practicing commands with new and more challenging distractions. Miller continues to perfect what he’s learned, and he and his puppy raisers look ahead for what’s to come, including returning to the Miller Family Campus, in which he is named, for professional training. This is a special year for the Miller Family Campus as it celebrates it’s 10th anniversary!

What’s the most amazing part of being a puppy raiser? It’s that this tiny, fuzzy little bundle that, with lots of love, hard work and dedication, grows and grows and then one day, becomes the hope of greater independence for a person with a disability. We are so grateful for the gifts of time, energy and heart our puppy raisers pour into each pup they raise. Our mission wouldn’t be possible without them.

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