Puppy Alexis is now six months old and has been learning and experiencing new things every day in sunny San Diego!

This month she went in the ocean for the first time and loved playing in the water. She’s also learned that young children share the same interest in toys as she does and has learned to share her toys with her puppy raiser’s granddaughter. Alexis spends a lot of time “supervising” her puppy raiser in the kitchen while she bakes. Although it’s tempting, Alexis is really good about not eating food that drops on the ground. This is a skill that all Canine Companions assistance dogs must learn before heading into public settings.

The most recent command Alexis has learned is the “speak” command. In the beginning Alexis, like most puppies, would bark more regularly than desired, so teaching her the “speak” command gave her puppy raiser the opportunity to teach her the “quite” command as well.

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Alexis is making the people around her feel great, and her puppy raiser is very proud of how smart she is. It’s impressive how she instantly goes into “work mode” once she’s dressed in her Canine Companions® puppy vest.

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