Update from Service Dog Miller

A lot has changed for Miller since we last checked in with him. He is now sporting Canine Companions® blue on his vest and has a new title, Canine Companions Service Dog! Miller was matched with Air Force veteran Ken and together they are conquering the world with greater independence. Miller’s puppy raisers did an amazing […]

Miller Hits the Books!

Canine Companions dog (we can’t call him a puppy anymore), Miller, has almost completed the first three months of professional training. In this time, he’s been building on the commands he learned as a puppy, as well as learning the working commands that he’ll put into use if he succeeds in the program and is […]

Saying Goodbye To Miller

As April comes to an end, puppy Miller is getting ready to say goodbye to his puppy raiser, Saxon. “Hello” and “goodbye” are often the hardest part of puppy raising but both come with great excitement that makes it worth it. As an eight-week-old puppy they come into your life needing all the direction you can give […]

Bigger and Wiser – Puppy Miller is Growing Up

Canine Companions puppy Miller goes just about everywhere with his volunteer puppy raisers. They take the subway to work, attend sporting events, walk to the market, enjoy the park and much more! Not only are these adventures fun, but they also provide great socialization opportunities for Miller. There’s so much for a pup to experience […]

Puppy Miller Meets Mr. Miller

What’s in a name? For puppy Miller, not only was he given his name because he was part of the “M” litter, but he was also named after an important figure in the Canine Companions community. Our Northeast Training Center, The Miller Family Campus, named for John Miller, who serves as our board chair, has […]

Same Commands, New Places

One of the greatest joys of raising a puppy for Canine Companions is having the opportunity to witness the growth and development of a dog with an important destiny. At 8 weeks old, puppy Miller was just a little pup in a big world, trying to figure out how everything works. Now, almost a year […]

Miller’s TV Debut!

Miller had some major birthdays to celebrate this past week – both Canine Companions’ 42nd and America’s 241st! He decided to honor this special day the best way he knows how: by spreading the word about Canine Companions and their mission of helping people with disabilities live with greater independence. As everyone else was gearing up […]

Hearts, Heroes and Puppy Miller

It was anything but a typical night on the town for the 15th Annual Hearts and Heroes Gala. Miller’s prep started the night before with some grooming—a date with the bathtub and the Furminator had him smelling fresh and clean for the big night. When the day arrived, Miller brushed off his bowtie and hopped […]

Welcome to the NY Auto Show Miller!

Everyone might have come for the cars, but they definitely stayed for the Canine Companions puppies. This past weekend, Miller and some of his puppy friends manned (dogged – ha!) our booth at the New York International Auto Show. There were no shortages of cars for Miller to see, but the most impressive one of […]

Miller and the fire truck

It’s National Puppy Day – Woof!

Today is all about celebrating the wonder of puppies, but as far as Canine Companions puppy Miller is concerned, every day should be National Puppy Day. Six-month-old Miller has proved to be a confident, manageable and easy-going little guy. He’s adjusted quickly to life with two volunteer puppy raisers, in two different houses, with three […]