fireplaceWe “E” Litter pups have sure been having a great time since being placed with our puppy raisers. We’ve frolicked with new friends, started taking puppy-training classes, chased falling leaves, met the neighborhood cats, and have especially enjoyed all the beautiful lights and decorations that everyone has been putting up these last few weeks. There are so many fun things to get into – the ribbons and the Christmas trees are particularly tempting. Now, we have to be well-behaved pups, so there are many things that can’t be on our Christmas list , but when we thought about what we would LOVE this holiday season, it was easy to come up with some of our favorite things…

sweetfaceTreats – Healthy,  tasty, and puppy-program approved snacks. Oooooo, we love these. In moderation, of course.

Balls – Rubber ball, bouncy balls, old balls, new balls, green balls….you get the idea. We think playing fetch with ANY ball is great (and good exercise too)!

Belly rubs – This is a most excellent gift for any dog, but even more so for a Canine Companions “E” Litter pup. Since we were only a few days old, we’ve been rolled over on our backs and given belly rubs. We adore belly rubs…anytime, anywhere!

Walks – Walking is such great fun! We get to explore our new neighborhoods, check out what’s been happening around town and begin our socialization training. We are still young, so we don’t go on really looooong walks, but we certainly enjoy getting out.

headpatExtra snuggle time – This is a given. Who doesn’t like to snuggle?? Plus we are adorable, soft and smell really good!

New chew toys – Obviously!! If there is one thing we are always in need of, it’s new chewies. Have you seen our beautiful, white, and oh-so-sharp teeth?? We are always looking for safe and sturdy things to chew on, and our puppy raisers would prefer it wasn’t the holiday decorations.

Well, that’s our wish list. Fortunately for us, we will most certainly receive all these things and more. Our puppy raisers are amazing and generous and kind. We are so fortunate they’ve volunteered their time and resources to raise us to become future assistance dogs for Canine Companions for Independence.elmo_with_hat

Are you interested in becoming a puppy raiser? Would you like to make a year-end donation in honor of this “E” Litter? For more information about Canine Companions for Independence, visit

We sincerely wish you the very best this holiday season and a very happy new year!

Warm regards and puppy-dog kisses,
Emma, Everett, Ella, Elmo, Euka II, Emily, Ethan and Eliza

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  1. Holiday greetings from Euka II in Ohio! We’re hoping to give Euka one magical gift that can’t be bought. She hasn’t seen her first midwestern snowfall yet and we can’t wait to watch her discover the fun of playing in the stuff. Puppies and their first snow — it’s the best!

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