Dom’s Puppy Raising Journey Is Finishing Strong   

The adventures continue! It’s been a busy time for Dom as he prepares to enter professional training. His mother-daughter volunteer puppy raising teamJennifer and Emma, also prepare for Emma to graduate from high school! Since we last caught up with Dom, he’s been attending high school with Emma where he quietly stays in “down” during classes.

When they’re not busy working, Dom and his puppy raisers have a ton of fun. He recently had a reunion with some of his D Litter siblings, attended a professional baseball game, and he also traveled to Emma’s water polo matches and swim meets. These types of outings are critical to the training and socialization that Dom needs to be successful as a Canine Companions service dogIn April, Emma was interviewed by a local news station to tell everyone about Canine Companions and puppy raising and, to top it all off, the pair got dolled up for prom.  

Dom Gets Ready for Professional Training 

Dom is more than ready for professional training. He’s proficient in all 30 obedience commands and ready for a new challenge. He’s been around a lot of people recently, and hipuppy raiser shares, “He’s the best boy.” In the next few weeks, he’ll be attending graduation parties, end of school year celebrations and more water polo. Dom is also having his own going away pool party with his best Canine Companions dog friends! Jennifer says, “We’re going to miss his cheery personality and goofy antics.” 

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Zari Continues to Shine 

The past month has been filled with ups and downs for Zari and her handlers. When Bill unexpectedly spent time in the hospital last month, Zari went to visit every day and brought smiles and comfort not only to Bill, but to the hospital staff as well. Zari was welcomed with open arms by the staff who’ve missed the working dogs who typically visit the hospital but haven’t since the start of the pandemic. It’s no surprise to us that Zari brightened everyone’s days. 

Now Bill is back at home and just in time for puppies! Sharon and Bill are hosting a litter of Canine Companions puppies in their home, and everyone in the house is loving it – people and dogs alike! Now that the pups are old enough to play, Zari gently plays with them. She and the puppies’ mom, Phoenix, even gave them lessons on how to play a gentile game of tug. When she’s not helping Bill or playing with puppies, Zari’s playing fetch, and looking forward to swimming season.  

Sharon shares, “Zari is such a smart dog. If Bill doesn’t have a tug for her to pull him from his chair, Bill just says, ‘Get rope’ and she brings one to him.” She continues, “She grows deeper and deeper into our hearts.”  

We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Dom and Zari. 

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